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Our Relationships

Good relationships in the construction industry are vital to building a successful and profitable home or development. We have long standing relationships with our financiers, professional consultants, suppliers & contractors, sales agents, and of course our clients.

We protect those relationships by solving problems, adding value, and delivering results, whilst being direct, honest, and completely transparent throughout the build journey.

We Do Joint Venture!

A joint venture is when our client owns the land or is interested in investing funds to buy developable land and then CHT Developments and the client partner up to complete the development.

We form a joint venture and contribute your property or purchased property to the new corporation. The developer‘s contribution is organising finance, completing the design, engineering, resource consent and council consent and then completing construction through to handover.

You both own shares in the new corporation and the corporation owns the completed project. This works well for both involved and maximises the profit for you the partner. CHT Developments utilises our experienced team, consultants and key relationships with suppliers and subcontractors to give you a great return on investment through collaboration.

The whole process is transparent and open book, working in partnership.

Let’s talk about how we can work together and maximise your profit.